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Summer Reading Program Prizes

The 2022 Summer Reading Program lasts through the end of July, so there is still time to register!

To get started, sign up on Beanstack. If you participated last year you already have an account, so there is no need to create a new one.

Everyone can participate. The Summer Reading Program is for all ages! Reading by yourself counts. Reading to someone counts. Having someone read to you counts (including audiobooks).

We'll give you a prize just for signing up!

  • Children: Confetti Beach Ball
  • Teens: Fidget Pen
  • Adults: Slim or Regular Drink Coozie

And after you log 360 minutes, you've completed the Summer Reading Program and get another prize! What are the completion prizes?

  • Children: Bubble Pop It Game
  • Teens: Bubble Pop It Game
  • Adults: Insulated Bag

After reading 360 minutes, you'll also be entered into our grand prize drawing. Beanstack will give you virtual tickets to put into a drawing for a chance to win one of three grand prizes! Keep reading and logging your minutes after logging 360 minutes to earn up to 4 additional tickets. There will be grand prizes for three age groups: Children, Teens, and Adults.

Can't use the Beanstack app? No problem! Keep track of how many minutes you read and let us know when you visit the library. We'll log the minutes for you.

In summary--
Log the minutes you spend reading in your Beanstack account.
Win a completion prize after reading 360 minutes. 

The 2022 Summer Reading Program ends July 31.

Need help? Email and we'll get back to you.

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