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Summer Reading Program - Sign Up Beginning June 1

We are trying to simplify things for everyone this summer, so there will be ONE Reading Program for all ages! Everyone who registers gets a signup prize, and everyone who reads 360 minutes before July 31 gets a great library prize pack! We will still have grand prizes for our three age groups, so make sure to enter your age if it asks!

Don't want to keep track online? No problem! We will also have a reading tracker that you can print out.

Having trouble signing up, entering minutes, completing a challenge, or something else? Fill out our contact form and we'll be in touch!

For All Ages--there is one reading program for everyone this year!
Sign up beginning June 1!
Families--start here!
Use one account to keep track of everyone's minutes. Create your account and then add users!
It can be quirky, so contact us if you need help.

Summer Events

We are still having our Summer Reading Program events that you know and love, but they will look different this summer! All of our special guest performers will visit us on the St. Charles Library Connected Facebook page.

We're adapting to our new normal by bringing everything to you--online. Our performers will show off their skills in videos made especially for the St. Charles Parish community! You'll be able to chat with them during and after their performances. Other special guests may appear via an online Zoom meeting.

And we will have Programs To Go, which are weekly crafts for three age groups--children, teens, and adults! We're creating our schedule as fast as we can (our supplies are still coming in!), but we will post our activities as soon as we can so you can register for your Program-To-Go craft kits!

Thank you to our sponsors!

Thank you to the Friends of the St. Charles Library for your continued support of the St. Charles Parish Library Summer Reading Program!
Thank you to the Entergy Charitable Foundation for your continued support of the St. Charles Parish Library Summer Reading Program!