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west african cooking demo

West African Cooking Demo

Join us for a night of cultural immersion presented by local Personal Chef and Creative Jarlyn Sol at the St. Rose Branch on Monday, September 18 at 6pm!

She will demonstrate a West African dish, Royal Kontomire (con-tom-bre) with Eba (mashed greens, with onions, ginger, tomato, pepper & garlic, served with ground cassava) prepared in a traditional Asanka. Come ready to sample!

This will be followed by a cultural immersion discussion of traditional foods and ingredients of West Africa & the diaspora, their origins, usage, and how they are connected!

Other topics covered will include textiles and adornments (cowrie shells, waist beads, and accessories), the languages of Ghana (Twi, Fante, Hausa), numbers and simple greetings, as well as travel and touring the 16 regions of Ghana.

This event is designed for adults and families. No registration required. 

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