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Positive Attitude Month

Have you heard the saying, "Your attitude determines your altitude?" October is Positive Attitude Month and here are some books to help you to have a positive attitude about your body and your life. Carry your positive attitude into 2021!


The Self-Love Revolution: Radical Body Positivity for Girls of Color

In this book, you will find an unapologetic guide to self-love and the creation of having a positive attitude about your body.

1001 Reasons to Think Positive: Special Insights to Achieve a Better Attitude Toward Life

This self-help book is a motivational collection of thoughts and insights to invigorate your spirit and bolster your confidence.

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

In this exemplary personal growth title by the creator of the top rated Think and Grow Rich, you learn that it is conceivable to make everything you could ever want work out - simply think positively.


Attitude is Everything
: 10 life-changing steps to turning attitude into action
Learn how to put good attitude to work to get ahead in all aspects of life

Have a New Kid by Friday

This self-help feature provides principals that can be used to deal with children behaving badly.

Attitude is Everything: 10 Rules for Staying Positive
Learn to build relationships, get rid of stress, and master change.