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Back to School

Make the St. Charles Parish Library part of your back-to-school survival kit!

Anyone who lives, works, goes to school, or owns property in St. Charles Parish can get a free library card, which gives you access to thousands of books, audiobooks, movies, comics, magazines, and more—both online and at our six library locations throughout the parish.

Our library locations are also a great place to study, either by yourself or with a group. We have study rooms at five of our branches.

Need a computer or printer? Visit the library!

All locations have computers for you to use to browse the internet as well as type papers and create presentations. Free wi-fi is also available. Printing in black and white is 10 cents and color is 25 cents. Photocopies are also available for the same prices. 

And don't forget about our wireless printing service through PrinterOn--it can come in handy when you find out your printer has run out of ink and you need to print!

back to school boy studying