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Intro to Bullet Journaling

Described as "KonMari for your racing thoughts" by Vogue Magazine, the Bullet Journal method was created by digital project designer Ryder Carroll while trying to find an organizational method that worked for him.

The East Regional Library is hosting an Introduction to Bullet Journaling with Celeste Haar on Thursday, February 21 at 6 pm. View the Facebook Event.

Celeste is a small business owner and mom of three who discovered bullet journaling 2 years ago while getting frustrated that she had just spent $100 on yet ANOTHER calendar that was supposed to organize her life and just didn't fit the bill - AGAIN. 

She wished there was some way to keep everything she needed in one place and there was - bullet journaling. When information was always available at her fingertips, productivity went up and there were smaller cracks for things to fall through. She became a believer. Since then she's taught a lot of people how to use bullet journaling to become exactly what they need it to be.  

In this class, Celeste will cover:

  • The definition of Bullet Journal
  • How to get started quickly
  • How to make your bullet journal your one stop shop for all of your information
  • How to expand your Bullet Journal
  • And more

Don't let Pinterest scare you away from Bullet Journaling!