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Thanksgiving Week at the Library

Spend some of your Thanksgiving week at the library! We're offering crafts and activities for all ages, so call grab some friends or your kids and make your way to the library for free fun during the holiday.

We're only closed Thursday and Friday (and all locations will close early on Wednesday), so there is plenty of time to spend creating, reading, learning, and having fun at the library.



Paint Mandala Rocks - This month we're going to get zen by painting our own mandala rocks!
St. Rose Branch ▪ Monday, November 19 ▪ 6 pm ▪ Registration Required

All-Levels Vinyasa Yoga - In this one-hour class, Sara Lyon (MA LPC RYT) will guide you through a series of invigorating movements aligning the posturing with breath, focus, and mindful meditation. This class is designed for all levels, but you must be able to get up and down off the floor. Please bring a yoga mat. 
West Regional ▪ Mondays ▪ 6 pm 

Flying Needles - This knitting and crocheting group is open to anyone wanting to learn a new craft or share talents. Perfect for both the beginner and more experienced crafters. 
West Regional ▪ Tuesdays ▪ 5 pm 



Gaming with a Raspberry Pi - Join us for a retro gaming session using the library's mini gaming consoles. For ages 12-17. 
West Regional ▪ Monday, November 19 ▪ 7 pm ▪ Registration Required

Teen Time: Mermaid Salt Scrub - Teens will use Epsom salt and food coloring to make body scrubs. For grades 6-12.
St. Rose Branch ▪ Tuesday, November 20 ▪ 4 pm

Nerdy Afternoon - Join us for a Nerdy Afternoon! Enjoy a longer Nerd Herd gaming session.
West Regional ▪ Wednesday, November 21 ▪ 1 pm

Totally Teens - Join us for a variety of fun activities just for teens! 
Norco Branch ▪ Wednesdays ▪ 3:30 pm 



Construction Time - Use your imagination to construct anything using LEGOs, blocks, Strawbees and planks. For ages 0-11.
East Regional ▪ Monday, November 19 ▪ 10:30 am 

LEGO WeDo - Do you want to know how robots work?  Join us in the meeting room to build mini robots using our LEGO WeDo Kits. For ages 7-12.
Paradis Branch ▪ Monday, November 19 ▪ 11:30 am  

Minute To Win It - Do you love playing games? Come see if you can win it in a minute! There are sure to be many laughs and lots of competition. For ages 6-11.ges.
West Regional ▪ Monday, November 19 ▪ 2 pm 

Minecraft - Bring your friends and come play Minecraft. For ages 6-11.
West Regional ▪ Tuesdays ▪ 5:30 pm ▪ Registration Required 


Storytimes, Lapsits, and WeePlays

Storytime - Storytimes are a great way to introduce your children to wonderful books and great music. We use finger plays, songs, and stories to encourage children to discover the world around them.
Paradis Branch ▪ Tuesday, November 20 ▪ 10:30 am 
East Regional ▪ Wednesday, November 21 ▪ 10 am 

Lapsit - Stories, books, music, rhymes, and finger plays are used to encourage children to explore the world around them. For ages birth to 24 months.
Norco Branch ▪ Tuesday, November 20 ▪ 10 am 
Hahnville Branch ▪ Wednesday, November 21 ▪ 10:30 am 

WeePlay - WeePlay encourages caregivers to interactively "play" with their child at the library. Come ready to use your imagination and explore with different toys and activities! For ages birth-6.
Norco Branch ▪ Tuesday, November 20 ▪ after storytime
Paradis Branch ▪ Tuesday, November 20 ▪ 11 am
West Regional ▪ Wednesday, November 21 ▪ 10 am


Planetarium Shows (shows change monthly)

Children's Matinee: The Little Star that Could - You will join Little Star, a young yellow star, as he travels through space in search of planets to call his own. Your children will learn about the different colors and temperatures of stars. They will see globular clusters and galaxies. They will discover, along with Little Star, all eight planets of our solar system. For all ages.
Planetarium ▪ Saturdays ▪ 10 am 

Saturday Matinee: ASTRONOMYTHS - Learn about the ancient Greek and Roman stories behind the constellations of the autumn night sky. You and your family will learn the names of the autumn constellations and see the wonders of the universe hidden in each. For all ages.
Planetarium ▪ Saturdays ▪ 2 pm