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knifepoint horror

Devin's Podcast Review: Knifepoint Horror

Want something chilling, but not too scary? Something that’ll keep you on your toes but won’t keep you from falling asleep? From the mind of Soren Narnia comes Knifepoint Horror, a horror anthology podcast second to none.

Some stories are narrated by other voice actors but most are read by Soren himself. These are my favorites; he has a very soothing voice. Listening to Knifepoint Horror feels like listening to a campfire tale from an old friend.

New episodes pop up randomly as he writes them, but that’s fine with me-- each update is a pleasant little surprise in my podcast feed and a sure sign that I’ll spend the last hour before bed curled up with a warm drink and a lit candle on my nightstand, listening intently.  

General warnings: This podcast contains occasional graphic descriptions of violence and touches on topics like death, mental illness, and many other subjects that may be difficult for some audiences. It varies widely from episode to episode. Read the episode notes for each story to get an idea of the subject matter. 

Suggested Age Range: Teen, Younger Adults, Adults

Devin's Rating: 5 out of 5

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