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Cabin Fever Book Reviews

Our Cabin Fever Reading Challenge is going on through the end of the month, and we've gotten some great book reviews! Thank you for the extensive reviews, Emma, Chuck, Emily, and Caleb!

It's not too late to submit a review, or two, or three! Read on to see if one of these sound good to you!

From Emma: Guts by Raina Telgemeier is about how Raina deals with her fear of puking. After getting the stomach flu, she develops a fear of barfing. When she gets anxious, worried, or upset her stomach hurts. By her stomach hurting, she worries even more causing it to hurt more. Along with her fear, she is tested with family, mean kids at school, and her best friend moving away. We see how Raina deals with these problems with the help of her family, friends, and therapist. (Available on OverDrive)

From Chuck: The Glass Rainbow, by famed Louisiana author James Lee Burke, is another novel following reformed alcoholic detective Dave Robicheaux. Burke's ability to beautifully describe Louisiana scenery, Robicheaux's penchant for philosophical musings, and a roster of unique characters make this novel the perfect read. Several young girls have been murdered in neighboring Jefferson Davis Parish. But outside of his jurisdiction, Dave, while concerned, can't do much about it. But soon after, Dave's adopted daughter, Alifair, meets her boyfriend's ex-con roommate and trouble starts to brew. Wrapped into the mystery are an ex-con novelist, a pimp, a local entrepreneur under investigation by the FBI and his socialite wife, an alcoholic female deputy and the son of a well-to-do southern family. In addition to all of these characters is Dave's best friend, Army buddy, former NOPD partner and private detective Clete Purcell. The lovable drunk with his ever present Hawaiian shirt and pork pie hat brings a down-to-earth mentality and a heart as good as gold to Dave's life. When Alifair's life is threatened by the machinations of the players, it's time for the "Bobbsey Twins from Homicide", as Clete likes to refer to himself and Dave, to rock and roll again. What follows is the soul searching quest for truth and justice while avoiding the mercenary black ops team hired to take out Dave and his family. Fans of Mr. Burke will definitely not be disappointed. (Audiobook Available on Hoopla)

From Emily: A tree loved a boy the boy would come every day and got old and older then the boy could not swing in the tree branched or play hide and go seek know more because he was old. I like the book because the little boy played hide and go seek that is whyI like the book. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. (Available on Hoopla) (Available on OverDrive)

From Emily again(!): Sunny Rolls the Dice by Jennifer Holm is what I’m reading. It was 45 min all in one sitting. It’s more of comics so I love the pictures and it interesting.

From Caleb: I like Secrets of the Apple Tree by Carron Brown because you got to shine a flashlight on the back of the pages to see new pictures.


five stars!