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Homework Center

Got a homework project? Need to do Internet research or find articles for a school project? Here is a great place to start.

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Homework Databases
Use one of these databases to find articles on your topic. Databases help you find quality magazine and encyclopedia articles that you (and your teachers) can trust. Use your library card for most of these.

Homework Websites

Seek and Find Online
Literature and Writing
Math and Science
Music, Photography and the Arts
Social Studies and History

Seek and find online

Internet Public Library
An information supercenter created by professional librarians for students.

About.com Homework Help
Websites selected by company certified specialists on a varitey of topics specific to homework needs.

ALSC's Great Websites for Kids
A wide range of interesting and helpful sites for homework created by the American Library Association.

Fanlight Web Resources
A long and varied listing of pre-evaluated websites on a wide range of topics.

Not a search engine, but an answer machine.

Ask a Librarian
Chat online or use email to get questions answered by librarians from the Library of Congress.

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Literature and Writing

ProofPoint Writing Center
Click the link and go to "Live Homework Help." Proofread your paper with a live tutor at HomeworkLA.org before you turn it in for a grade.

This site has summaries, analyses and quizzes for many required readings plus guides for history, math and biology.

Shmoop.com literature
Similar to SparkNotes, this site gives summaries, analyses and essay writing help for many required readings.

Project Gutenberg
Thousands of classic books you can download or read online.

Works Cited 4 U
Son of Citation Machine
Easy Bib
These sites help you convert your works cited into MLA, APA or Chicago/Turabian style formats.

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Math and Science

Khan Academy
This site has over 2,400 short, easy to digest videos covering concepts in math, biology, chemistry and physics.

The Physics Classroom
This site covers basic high school physics topics using graphics, videos and tutorials.

Web Math
Helps solve specific math problems you are working on.

LSU Ag Center Environment & Natural Resources
Information from the LSU Agricultural Center about topics specific to Louisiana environment and ecology including insects, wildlife, alternative energy and conservation.

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Music, Photography and the Arts

Art Cyclopedia
A search engine for the fine arts.

New York Public Library: The Picture Collection
Over 30,000 historical images from books, magazines, newspapers, original photographs and more.

Multimedia Music Dictionary
Look up musical terms and hear their pronunciations.

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Social Studies and History

Ben's Guide to Government
This site explains basic concepts and processes in government in an easy to understand manner.

World War II Museum for Students
World War II history, the Holocaust, photographs and more designed especially for students.

Smithsonian's American History Explorer
Hundreds of innovative and interactive online resources for learning American History.

CIA World Factbook
From the CIA, this site gives facts about the history, geography, military, demographics and more for all the countries in the world.

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