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St. Charles Parish Library Board of Control

Board Members

The St. Charles Parish Library Board is composed of seven residents of St. Charles Parish, one from each district in the parish. A member of the St. Charles Parish Council serves as an Ex-Officio member, and the library director serves as Secretary of the Board.

  • Celeste N. Uzee, District VII (President) - Appointed 2013 and 2018
  • Tammy M. Windmann, District V (Vice-President) - Appointed 2014
  • Charlene Alexander-Armstrong, District I - Appointed 2017 to fill a vacancy
  • Deborah A. Raziano, District II - Appointed 2016
  • Beverly A. DeLaune, District III - Appointed 2018 to fill a vacancy
  • Glenn F. Gros, District IV - Appointed 2014
  • Vacant, District VI  
  • Terrell Wilson (Ex-Officio)
  • Leann Benedict (Board Secretary / Library Director)


Board Meetings

St. Charles Parish Library Board of Control meetings are generally held the third Tuesday of odd-numbered months at 6:00 p.m., unless otherwise noted. The regular meeting location is the St. Charles Parish Council Chambers at the St. Charles Parish Courthouse.

All library board meetings are open to the public.

Anyone who wants to speak before the board must notify the board secretary (Library Director) by email or by phone at 985-764-9643 at least two days before the meeting. All speakers are limited to a maximum presentation of 5 minutes for requested Public Comment (Agenda Item IV).

Public Comment at the end of the meeting is limited to three (3) minutes per speaker. Groups wishing to present to the board are asked to designate one person to make the presentation. Please contact the board secretary for additional information.


Board Meeting Unapproved Minutes

2018 Meeting Minutes

March 20 

2017 Meeting Minutes

November 28 | July 18 | May 16 | January 17

2016 Meeting Minutes

November 15 | September 20 | July 19 | May 17 | March 15 | January 26

2015 Meeting Minutes

November 17 | September 15 | May 19 | March 17 | January 26

2014 Meeting Minutes

November 18 | September 16 | July 15 | May 20 | January 21